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Loaded Lovers: Virginia Department of Transportation overspends on wetland mitigation bank

Whew, I’m relieved Restoration Systems isn’t following the Virginia Department of Transportation’s business plan for mitigation — we’d be out of business. Travis Hamrick came across this TV news story revealing that VDOT had spent — get this — $5.1 million building a mitigation bank. Now that might be excusable if the agency had wetted […]

Dr. David Robinson: Father of Full-Delivery Mitigation

We just returned from the National Mitigation Banking Conference last week in Sacramento, where old friend David Robinson gave an excellent presentation on the benefits of “Full-Delivery” mitigation procurement systems. You can also view it here on his website:  http://www.full-delivery.com/ By way of background, as some readers will know, the NC Ecosystem Enhancement program is North Carolina’s unique, […]

Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program: Under Fire From Left and Right

Critics say ‘wholesale auction’ of Tennessee’s stream quality afoot By Tom Humphrey Sunday, February 19, 2012 NASHVILLE — A decade-old, multi-million dollar program for restoring degraded Tennessee streams has come under attack in the state Legislature even as Gov. Bill Haslam’s administration moves to give it new legal status. Critics of the Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program, […]

Gilinski on Nutrients

John Preyer and our partner in Virginia, Brent Fults, of the Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land Trust, visited Duke University and Blue Devil country last week to see well regarded state and national water quality regulator Ellen Gilinski speak on nutrient problems.  Ellen is formerly the Director of the Water Division at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and […]