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What We Do

Restoration Systems leads the environmental restoration and mitigation banking business and has more than 90 mitigation banks and restoration sites in nine states. We are now part of Davey Mitigation, which means we can offer clients expanded geographic reach and additional resource capability.

Our ecologically beneficial activities are funded by the sale of compensatory “mitigation credits” required by government agencies to offset development with restoration in ecologically sensitive areas.

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July 18-23rd 2021.

1975538 trees planted. Zero cut.

RS has planted over 1.9 million trees since 2002. Each tree is permanently protected by a conservation easement.

50 miles of river restored

Our nationally-recognized dam removals have restored free flowing water to major rivers and allowed migratory fish to spawn in hundreds of upstream miles for the first time in centuries.

20 years at the Pilot Mill

RS is enjoying our 20th year located in Raleigh's historic Pilot Mill. The Pilot Mill was North Carolina's first sustainable "brownfield" redevelopment project and is on The National Register of Historic Places.

1300000 cubic yards

To restore the marsh at Jesuit Bend, Louisiana, RS and Great Lakes Dredge and Dock removed enough sand from the Mississippi River to pile a football field over 1,000 feet high. We spread it three feet deep over 247 acres.

97 native species

Since 2000, RS has planted more than 97 species of locally-sourced native conservation trees.

Our Projects

Our mitigation banks and restoration properties include more 100,000 acres at 80 locations. All our projects are available to see with a click below.

Our Solutions

Restoration Systems is the most experienced mitigation banker in the United States. We were there at the birth of mitigation banking in Congress in the early '90s and have maintained influence in every national policy decision and business practice improvement in the ecological restoration industry since that time. Based on this experience, RS has grown to provide a number of services and products to create large-scale ecological improvements.

Our greatest pride, however, remains our long track record and deep experience in stream and wetland mitigation projects. Our first projects are now thriving as diverse canopied wetland forests and mature stream systems. We continue to care for restoration projects entering their 4th decade of regulatory success and landowner satisfaction.

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Our Solutions

Our firm pioneered Water Quality Trading in the United States and opened the nation's first two "retail" banks for nutrient reduction in North Carolina. We have provided Water Quality Credits to 300+ public and private developers, more than anyone else in the US. We are poised to assist state and local governments in policy formulation as trading programs emerge nationwide.

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Our Solutions

With our partner Common Ground Capital in Oklahoma City, Restoration Systems owns a half interest in the largest species conservation bank in the United States. The 90,000 acre bank exists to protect the habitat of the Lesser Prairie Chicken and is composed of five large ranches in four Great Plains states. Our American Beetle Credits assisted in the construction of the KeyStone XL pipeline, and we are actively pursuing viable markets in Fresh Water Mussels. In 2019, we provided over 600 acres of offsets for the nation's largest wind project.

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Our Solutions

In 2020, RS hired the three most experienced "Living Shoreline" professionals in North Carolina. Our shoreline team is scheduled to provide over 40 installations of constructed oyster protection to coastal homes and businesses this year. Living shorelines are less expensive and more durable than hardened bulkheads-- and they make good eating.

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Our Solutions

RS has removed three major dams for compensatory mitigation, the first such projects in the nation, and has encouraged new national policies to remove many more. New hire Wes Newell has removed over 40 more dams using public and private funds and grants. We want to remove more dams as a contractor, mitigation banker, or partner of any kind. Let us know if you have a project in mind.

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