Monday Morning SNAKE!

[UPDATE:  Credit to John Preyer for identifying this mail (from my wife) as a scurrilous lie.  I checked and the same email sometimes says Texas, Missouri, etc:  I usually Snopes this kind of stuff before passing it on, but this one caught me off guard.  I guess the shark pics earlier in the week softened me up. (Are they real?).  Anyway, I will leave it on the blog as a sign of my shame and a lesson to others.]   


How about this rattler found on Radio Island in the Morehead City harbor?  Radio Island is right next door to where the sharks were photographed a couple of weeks back.  Yikes!  The NC Coast is seeming rather fearsome.

rattle snake


97 lb rattlesnake found in just SOUTHEAST of
Morehead City on Radio Island before Beaufort.

9 feet, 1 inch – 97 lbs. – Biggest rattler found
in NC since Bob Eaereds captured one in
1969 that measured 9 feet, 1 inch but only weighed
78 lbs.

This old guy was found inside an open water drum
near an abandoned boat hull laying on the shore.
You can see the jet fuel tanks in the background.

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This photo has been sent to me at least two previous times over the past year and referenced in two different locations.

Where is the alligator that it ate?

Pam Howard

Sorry guys! I normally check things too!


I wish i could hold 98lbs in front of me with a smile.

I went ahead and Googled “Bob Eaereds” to see if that was a regularly used pseudonym in this commonly found fraudulent email. (Bob Eaereds!?) One hit from another North Carolina forum:

This tells me someone made this name up, a unique name, to follow the tracks of their dirty deed by Googling it later, and locating fools who posted it. Which means they could be reading this right now. Which in turn means you, sir or madame, are DOUBLE HEXED. Enjoy your luck.