Wellons Farm Nutrient Bank

Wellons Farm Project Summary

The Wellons Farm Nutrient Bank is a 34.25 acre subset of a 50+ acre pasture complex in central Johnston County. It is bordered on the north by Swift Creek, to the east by Wellons Road and to the south by Clevelend Road. Approximately 10 acres directly adjacent to the Bank are currently enrolled in the USDA Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. Within the Bank 1.25 acres exist outside of the 200 foot buffer area allowing 33 of the 34.25 acres to generate mitigation credit.

The Wellons Farm Nutrient Bank will service impacts within the USGS 8-digit HUC 03020201 (Neuse 01 watershed) and includes 33 acres of land which provide up to 200 ft of riparian buffer on either side of the streams contained within the Bank boundary. The Bank is used for to mitigate for nutrient offsets only.

Contact Restoration Systems to inquire about Available Credits.