Lane Island Nutrient Bank

Lane Island Project Summary

The Lane Island Nutrient & Buffer Bank is divided into two separate tracts, one 15 acres and the other 38 acres in Wayne County, west of the City of Goldsboro. The Bank is bordered on the north by Old Smithfield Road, on the west by Lassiter Road and to the south by Ferry Bridge Road. The Bank will provide a permanent riparian buffer up to 200 feet along either side of approximately 5670 linear feet of two unnamed tributaries, which drain into the Neuse River less than 1 mile downstream. The Lane Island Nutrient & Buffer Bank will service impacts within the USGS 8-digit HUC 03020201 (Neuse 01 watershed) and includes 53 acres of land which provide up to 200 ft of riparian buffer on either side of the streams contained within the Bank boundary. The Bank is used for to mitigate for nutrient offsets and buffer impact.

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