Cranston’s Mill Pond Nutrient Offset Water Quality Bank

Cranston’s Mill Pond Project Summary

After pioneering the national water quality market in 2008 by opening the first two retail nutrients off-set banks, Restoration Systems partnered with Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land Trust to sponsor the largest nutrient off-set facility in the Chesapeake Bay and James River watersheds. Fully permitted and open for business in October 2011, the Cranston’s Mill Pond Nutrient Bank (CMP) has been issued more than 800 “pounds” of Phosphorus off-sets which can service the entire James River watershed.

Each of these pounds is currently for sale to off-set expensive and often ineffective on-site water quality controls. The buyer will be relieved of significant on-site obligations and leave the water quality improvements and long term costs to RS and CBNLT at Cranston’s Mill. The offsets at CMP are authorized through an existing Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) program, certified by both DEQ and the Virginia Department of Cultural Resources, and overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

For credits contact Brent Fults or Scott Reed at Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land Trust, 804.222.5114 or [email protected]