Southern Environmental Law Center – North Carolina Activity Update

The Southern Environmental Law Center is using the power of the law to champion North Carolina’s environment — from clean energy and healthy air, to rivers and wetlands, to the protection of special places from the Smokies to the Outer Banks. SELC has offices in Chapel Hill and Asheville. SELC is focusing on several transportation projects, including the Monroe Bypass and the replacement Bonner Bridge as well as overall transportation financing reform, Cape Hatteras National Seashore wildlife protection, and the Titan American cement plant in the Cape Fear River basin.

For the latest information on SELC’s current efforts in North Carolina, go to

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  1. Waterdog
    Waterdog says:

    Some might say the SELC is using the power of the law to retard economic growth and restrict private property rights. If they want to wipe their collective arse in the dark with a red cockaded woodpecker that's their choice. As for me, I believe in EARTH FIRST! (we'll log, mine then pave the other planets later)


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