The Perfect Way To Spend A Morning

Today, I observed an absolutely beautiful piece of North Carolina.  I doubt this place has been touched by man for a century or more.   The tea colored water feeds enormous bald cypress, sycamore, water tupelo, and several species of oaks along it shores. Meanders carve through high bluffs and wetland fauna filled lowlands.  When I first arrived there was a river otter swimming unalarmed and a pair of Kingfishers were racing  just a couple of feet  above the water’s surface.   I cannot wait to get here before sunrise one day soon to see how many wood ducks call this place home.  Stay tuned to see where in the world I was and what Restoration Systems plans to do with it….

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  1. pinebark
    pinebark says:

    Hey Swampmerchant, maybe you and I can go to this majestic place together some day and have a picnic.

  2. Pam Howard
    Pam Howard says:

    Sounds lovely – can’t wait to read more about this secret place. You’re description is enticing. Well written!

  3. Brassgrill
    Brassgrill says:

    I have now been to this Utopia and seen it for myself. It is truly something to behold–almost what John Lawson might have seen but without the locals who might boil you alive in hot oil. Actaully, there might still be some of those around this place. It is WILD!

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