Author Takes New Approach on Enviro Issues

Alan Weisman, a journalism professor at the University of Arizona and a science writer, released a book this summer titled “The World Without Us” and it is proving to have striken a chord with readers who have catapulted the book to the #6 spot on the NY Times Bestseller List. 

His reasoning is centered on the fantastical idea of what the earth would be like if all of humanity disappeared one day, leaving worldly possessions, buildings and trash behind.  Although far-fetched, his concept examines human impact on the earth and provides a fresh and unique approach to the way that we view our environment and what we can do to continually improve it. 


Weisman proclaims his belief that people are interested in the environment and reading about it regularly, as is evident by the glut of enviro-based books available in the shelves of the bookstores today, but too frequently the subject matter is depressing, overwhelming and frightening.  His book strives to instill a revived, positive outlook on the future by avoiding the blame game for our current state and by painting a picture of hope that the earth, with a little diligence from its human counterparts, will slowly but surely reclaim its lands and seas.