A girl and her trees

I came across these photos of Georgia Howard (daughter of Swamp Merchant) from this spring at RS and NCEEP’s Casey Dairy Riparian Buffer and Wetland “Full Delivery” mitigation site outside Goldsboro, NC. The site is east of Goldsboro just south of Highway 70 on the way to Morehead City.

All the larger  trees you see were planted and permanently protected in the Fall of 2002 — just when Georgia spouted too!

A Google map of the same area:

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The brownish\gray areas you see on either side of Walnut Creek creek above and below the center of the map are planted to protect water quality from the agricultural run-off from adjacent farm fields.

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John Dorney

Glad to see she takes her good looks from her mother! (just kidding George).

Not sure if that’s blessing or a curse, Dorney.

BTW, isn’t your girl in the fashion industry in NYC?

How’d THAT happen?!

John Dorney

LOL. Nice return volley, sir.
She is indeed in the fashion industry in NYC – the only answer I have is that she chose a career completely the opposite of me (probably a wise choice!).