RS People: Dave Schiller's "Emeritus" Dinner

RS had a fine celebration the other night for one of our favorite people, Dave Schiller. Dave has worked at RS since 2003 (which blows my mind). He is still working at RS. Harder than ever, in fact. But Dave has a little more flexibility now — if he chooses — to spend more time with his new house, young wife, Cocker Spaniels — and shotguns.

Dave loves shotguns.  John Preyer came to know Dave through shotgun talk when Dave worked for NCDOT, after Dave worked for Progress Energy and the U.S. Army (Nam). John surprised Dave with a company gift at the party: A Merkel shotgun. I don’t know the model but Dave could tell you what Merkel it is just by glancing at it.

Dave then played the most clever practical joke I have ever seen later that night at dinner.  As a result of another company gag, Dave was actually paying for his own Emeritus Dinner. Not the shotgun mind you — but Dave was picking up the entire tab at 18 Seaboard. (What? You thought RS paid for this wonderful meal in the midst of this recession?)

So here is what Dave did.

To be continued…

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Pam Howard

and??????? What did Dave do?

for the love of America…WHAT DID DAVE DO! Did you all have to wash dishes or something! did he pull out his Merkel in the restaurant…I think we would of taken notice if he did that though….