Mitigation from RS

It’s Second Nature to Us

Restorations Systems is capable of meeting the permit requirements of developers across a broad range of regulated resources with mitigation credits or “turn-key” mitigation sites. We are widely recognized for our knowledge of environmental restoration and mitigation practices, identification and acquisition of the highest quality restoration sites, and customer focused integrity.

With more than 50 environmental mitigation and restoration sites in nine states, Restoration Systems has established relationships and a track record of compliance with federal, state and local regulatory agencies. Dedicated to satisfaction, Restoration Systems works closely with each landowner, credit purchaser and regulatory agency to accomplish mitigation that benefits the environment and meets or exceeds permit obligations.

The company is owned and managed from Raleigh, NC, by its two founders, John Preyer and George Howard, both of whom have extensive backgrounds in environmental policy on the state and federal level. Restoration Systems also employs senior level biologists, skilled environmental scientists and land managers to ensure the success of each and every wetland mitigation and stream restoration project.

Restoration Systems Offsite Mitigation is:


Restoration Systems’ environmental restoration projects have a proven track record of enabling our customers to achieve permit deadlines and avoid expensive delays. Moreover, by having the restoration work in the ground prior to project impacts, the public is ensured that environmental considerations are addressed upfront, not as an afterthought.

Cost-effective and ecologically appropriate

Environmental mitigation can be expensive and inappropriate when forced to occur on-site, within development boundaries. By providing an off-site alternative, sometimes known as mitigation banking or offsets, Restoration Systems lowers project costs and locates the mitigation where it is most beneficial to the environment.

Professionally managed

Restoration Systems’ customers are protected from the demanding and uncertain task of performing site mitigation themselves. When developers or governments attempt mitigation in-house, they frequently encounter costly real estate challenges and project complications. Restoration Systems’ flexibility and experience as an environmental restoration company makes it possible to manage these complications the right way, and often avoid them altogether, by getting jobs done correctly and efficiently.