Vindication: NCDENR study confirms privately contracted mitigation superior to government "in-house" projects

I haven’t had time to pick through this carefully, but it appears to be a win for private “Full Delivery” mitigation and mitigation banks — not to mention a damn fine academic effort. I will be back soon with more detailed commentary.

Compensatory Stream and Wetland Mitigation in NC Evaluation of Regulatory Sucess

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    […] The article and the study it highlights demonstrates that wetland and stream restoration can be done well.  I would contend (and often do contend) that mitigation is most successful when performed by someone who actually owns the project.  Banked, Full-Delivery, Turn-Key contracted, it doesn’t much matter — but the person doing the work and responsible for the work should have their own personal fortunes rise or fall with the success or failure of the given restoration.  This distinction is somewhat borne out by the data in the recent study, and can be deduced from the graphs I put up here. […]

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    […] the long-term intense commitment required of ecological restoration as mitigation.  I recommend this far more thorough study done by NCDENR concluding banks and  ”Full-Delivery” projects are more successful than other forms of […]

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