Update #4 on the Little River Fish Weir

The fish weir installation is starting to draw interest around the the former Lowell Mill Dam site! As our ongoing blog has reported (update 1, update 2, update 3), a resistance board fish panel has been installed in the river by graduate student Josh Raabe with NCSU, under the guidance of his professor, Joe Hightower PhD.

Dr. Hightower sent us a brochure today that can be found at the site of the fish weir in Johnston County, NC explaining the project to curious visitors that have been accumulating at the site with interest and questions. If you are interested in visiting the site to observe the happenings for yourself, it is located just off of I-95 at exit 105 (Bagley Road) behind the truck stop there. Thanks to Josh and Joe for all of their hard work and for keeping us constantly updated on their progress!