Update #3 on Little River Fish Weir-Installation!

As announced in February, Restoration Systems has sponsored the material costs for the construction and installation of a Resistance Board Fish Weir Panel in collaboration with Dr. Joseph Hightower PhD. of the NC State Zoology Department.  Dr. Hightower has contacted RS this morning with an update on the progress of the fish weir, which will be used to collect quantitative data on fish moving upstream from the site of the former Lowell Mill Dam on the Little River, NC.  He has also informed us that a shad was caught in the upstream trap on Friday, before torrential downpours moved in and briefly hindered the monitoring process.

Here is a photo of the weir installed in the river.  It is fascinating to see this process develop from construction to implementation.  We commend Joe Hightower and graduate student Josh Raabe for their hard work and we look forward to learning more on the results that stem from the installation of this Resistance Board Fish Weir.