Survey: Bankers and others queried on-line regarding Credit Stacking

Several folks at Restoration Systems received an invitation today to take an on-line survey from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).  EPRI is a farsighted Washington think tank deeply involved in the analysis of environmental markets.  The subject of the survey is so-called “credit stacking,” the practice that led recently to the controversial “double-dip” of mitigation here in North Carolina.

The survey does an admirable job with a tricky subject to define properly.  It addresses that difficulty by asking the respondents to choose from several definitions of credit stacking, and, if one does not suit them, a box for written narrative is provided for one’s own definition. I took the opportunity in the box to define the term and its’ implications based on my experience.  I will try to provide the same commentary here shortly, perhaps in post tonight, regarding my parsing of the definition and its implications.

But if you are involved in environmental mitigation markets, and have some insight or opinion regarding this issue, please click the link below and take the survey.  (Surveys are a great thing and on-line surveys are even better.)

From EPRI:

Credit Stacking Survey

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), World Resources Institute, Stetson University College of Law, and the University of Kentucky invite you to participate in the first national survey on mitigation credit stacking.

The growing markets in carbon sequestration, water quality trading, and wetland and species banking have brought attention to the need for understanding protocols, case studies, and opinions for how credits can be stacked among these different markets. Compiling the national perspectives on credit stacking requires receiving quality data from market practitioners and regulators like you. Your responses will shape the future of this national debate.

The survey will take about 5 minutes.

Take the survey

We appreciate receiving your response within two weeks. Please feel free to forward this survey to your contacts involved with market mechanisms.

Thank you very much.

Jessica Fox

Senior Project Manager, EPRI