Statewide Mitigation Programs

Our friends at the Ecosystem Marketplace recently had the chance to gather some opinions related to statewide mitigation programs, a topic of great discussion at the recent National Mitigation Banking & Conservation Conference in St. Louis, MO.

This recent discussion, lead by a question received through the Ecosystem Marketplace website, sparked some interesting dialogue and food for thought:

“The North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program (EEP) has received a lot of favorable attention. But I don’t know of any other states that have followed this model, although the model was created several years ago. Why hasn’t it ‘caught on’? At our organization we are often in the position of recommending policy changes to state governments re: land and water protection. Should we be including the N.C. model in our recommendations?”

To read the answers to this question from George Kelly of The Environmental Banc & Exchange, Timothy A. Acker of Applied Technology Wetlands & Forestry Consultants, and Suzanne Klimek of North Carolina’s own Ecosystem Enhancement Program, click here.