SRI Stream Conference is a Success!

This past Monday, October 2, marked the start of the SRI Stream Conference in Charlotte, NC hosted by the North Carolina State University Stream Restoration Institute.  This four day conference is held every two years in an effort to educate industry leaders about stream restoration planning, design, construction, financing, and monitoring in the Southeast.   The conference proved to be a huge success featuring a wide range of attendees, which included restoration, engineering and construction firms, as well as biologists, regulatory agencies and students, among many others.  Topics in the concurrent sessions ranged from water quality and watershed improvement to positive landowner relationships, monitoring, sediment transport, habitat restoration, regulatory perspectives and beyond.  Click here to view the complete agenda. 

Our very own George Howard and Adam Riggsbee presented on the benefits, biological impacts and regulatory issues of dam removal specific to the Lowell and Carbonton Dam removals in North Carolina.  Their research reflected a positive and promising future for this form of stream restoration.  To obtain a copy of their presentations, please contact:  We plan to make these available on the press release page of our website in the very near future as well.  Everyone here at Restoration Systems was inspired by the positive feedback about dam removal and both  presentations.  We thank you all for your questions and comments on this subject. 

On that note, many thanks to everyone that visited our booth during the conference.  We were all appreciative to have met so many interesting people in the industry and to have discussed so many positive ideas about the future of restoration.  We look forward to seeing you all at the 10th Annual National Mitigation Banking Conference in St. Louis next spring!