RS Training Session

rs_meeting_2112806edited_400Worth Creech leads the RS Project Managers in a construction training meeting. 

Restoration Systems makes it a regular practice to hold staff meetings to keep employees on the same page, but last week marked an improved direction for the company. 

Last week, Restoration Systems extended the reach of the regular staff meeting to include a day long training session for the RS Project Management team.  Staff meetings are regularly scheduled within the company to bring employees together as a cohesive group, and to give project managers the opportunity to interact with our Controller, Jane Ralston, to discuss budgetary issues and project goals. 


rs_staff_meeting_3112806edited_400RS construction training meeting. 

This past Tuesday, the group came together for an intense training session lead in the morning by our resident Senior Biologist, Randy Turner, and in the afternoon by Restoration Systems’ Construction Manager, Worth Creech.  The goal of the meeting centered around advanced and equal training for all of Restoration Systems Project Managers.  Having a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects our industry is crucial to ensuring the output of quality restoration and mitigation projects.  We believe that the more knowledge our Project Managers are armed with from the start, the better the results will be. 

Training sessions have become especially crucial as the company continues to expand.  We are determined to create an environment of continuous education by creating an open door policy with the executives within the company.  We realize that is far too easy in any business to become wrapped up in the daily responsibilities of the normal business day and lose sight of proper employee training and guidance.  RS’s policy is to make information readily available and to involve employees, of every function and tier, in the process of restoring our sites; from conception to completion.