RS Proudly Sponsors the Second Annual Neuse River Film Festival


Join the Neuse River Foundation on November 11th to celebrate a second year of filmaking supporting the efforts of the NRF to provide clean water in our community.  Here is a brief summary of the days events courtesy of the NRF: 

“Last year, Neuse River Foundation celebrated 25 years of environmental victories with the first Riverkeeper Film Festival.  The program offered 20 independent films from across the US.  Some were from first time filmmakers and others were from seasoned documentarians.  Some films were new and others came from filmmaker archives, some were funny and others were serious, but they all had one thing in common–WATER.”

However, this is not an environmental film festival.  The schedule offers a diverse program and select films that include stories from history, literature, art and the environment.   For more information, please visit