RS Office Staff Attends Training Day in the Field

This past Thursday, the office staff of Restoration Systems had a chance to venture into the field for an EEP site review as part of the Full-Delivery Bid process.  Having worked on the paper side of several rounds of RFP’s, preparing technical proposals, it was a welcome change to all to get outside and have the chance to learn the ins and outs of a site visit, listen to question and answers and see the process first hand.    

Tiffani Bylow, Jane Ralston, Angie Bryant and I, Kristen Poillon, joined a large group at this particular site in Robeson County, NC, including Project Manager, Paul Parker, Worth Creech, John Preyer and Randy Turner, also from RS, along with Tim Morris of URS Corp. 


Shortly after our arrival, we met with the staff of the EEP.  Their group included Tracy Morris, Michelle Droszcz, Tim Baumgartner, Toni Jones and Michi Vojta.  Once the group convened, we headed out to the center of the site for an optimal view of the proposed project boundaries.  It was an absolutely beautiful piece of property!  It was also easy to see why this site would be a great candidate for wetland restoration.  The area was very “swamp-like” and nature seemed in favor of turning the land back to its original state. 

The next step was to venture onto the field to investigate the soil, a task tackled by Worth and the EEP staff.  Once all of the questions had been answered, and the site had been thoroughly reviewed, we parted ways with the EEP and headed back to Raleigh.  It was an enjoyable training day and we thank the EEP for their hospitality on site while we observed the process! 


Please take a look at some of our photos from the day’s adventures.


The group convenes at the entrance to the site, as Worth Creech (left) reviews the typical procedures


The group listens as Tim Morris of URS explains the attributes of the site.


Paul Parker stands front and center, as Project Manager of the site.


John Preyer of RS ventures into the woods with the EEP Staff.


Angie takes the opportunity to get in a field photo while on site, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.


Tiffani joins Angie for a field photo. 


 Paul Parker and Tim Morris discuss the details of the site.


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That Paul Parker guy sure know what he is doing!