2016 at Jesuit Bend Mitigation Bank

2016 at Jesuit Bend Mitigation Bank

Hello, folks, I’m back for a rare blog post but it’s never too late to share the unique rewards of mitigation banking. Below I have posted video and here are some photos of the Jesuit Bend Mitigation Bank in Louisiana as it completes Year One monitoring. As the ecology matures, Jesuit Bend has a lot to teach anyone who is interested in coastal restoration. Simply viewing the project is informative.

This time last year Dredge Florida was roughly halfway finished with the 100 day dredging phase. Then in January we planted 211,000 pots of marsh grass. Today the site is meeting all interim success criteria, with thriving vegetation and proper elevations.

If you are only here for sport, check out the gator hunt at Jesuit Bend in late September and here for the kill shots.

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