Links: News and Observer "Washed Away" series on mitigation


Washed Away: First of three parts:  State programs intended to offset environmental damage from development have spent roughly $140 million on work that is failing, needs significant repair or is too far away from distressed sources of drinking water.
Washed Away: Second of three parts:  Money that the state spends on projects to reduce pollution from nitrogen has gone toward improvements far downstream and outside the watersheds of the Triangle’s two biggest sources of drinking water: Falls and Jordan lakes.

Washed Away: Third of three parts:  Studies of what seemed a logical solution to the destruction of streams by road builders and developers have found that 20 years of applying common restoration methods – often at public expense – is doing little good.


A plan developed by the state in 2001 for environmental restoration was a boon to conservation groups that had thousands of acres to sell for mitigation.


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