Fish Story in Crabtree Creek: Shad in the Neighborhood!

Some nice neighbors dropped by today and mentioned they had taken their little boy, Lucas, fishing up our local creek — Crabtree Creek. Crabtree Creek is the signature tributary of the Neuse River that runs through Raleigh and terminates at the Lassiter Mill Dam. In 1998 the Quaker Neck dam was removed more than 100 miles downstream in Goldsboro, North Carolina. For the first time since Eisenhower was President fish were able migrate into their Piedmont spawning grounds in Wake County.

Catching migratory shad in the upper Neuse was impossible between 1954 and 1998. Catching Shad in Crabtree Creek was unthinkable during this period. Things have clearly changed — for the better.

Just wait until Milburnie comes out!