EPA Announces Availibilty of Nutrient Criteria Technical Guidance Manual

Environmental Protection Agency – December 14, 2006

EPA announces the availability of a draft nutrient criteria technical guidance manual for wetlands. This document provides State and Tribal water quality managers and others with information on how to develop numeric nutrient criteria for wetlands as State or tribal law or regulation; however, the document does not contain site-specific numeric nutrient criteria. EPA is soliciting information, data, and views on issues of science pertaining to the information the Agency used to develop this document. While this document contains EPA’s scientific recommendations regarding defensible approaches for developing regional nutrient criteria, this guidance does not substitute for Clean Water Act (CWA) or EPA regulations, nor is it a regulation. It does not impose legally binding requirements on the EPA, States, territories, authorized tribes, or the regulated community. State and tribal decision makers have discretion to adopt water quality standards that use approaches that differ from EPA’s recommendations.

Scientific views, data, and information should be submitted by February 12, 2007. Interested parties may submit scientific information, data, or views, identified by Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2006-0826, via one of the following links: (online instructions available): http://www.regulations.gov, mailto:[email protected]