N&O: Residents argue that removing Milburnie Dam would ruin scenery

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Thu, Apr 22, 2010 05:36 AM
In Fight Over Dam Sides Ask: What’s Natural?

RALEIGH For more than a century, Milburnie Dam has stood 16 feet high in the middle of Raleigh, a stone wall that interrupts the Neuse River like an aquatic comma. Above it, motorboats troll through deep water; below, fishermen wade around a pounding waterfall.

Now a Raleigh firm that does environmental work wants to tear out the privately owned dam and let the Neuse flow freely, removing the only man-made obstacle between Falls Lake and Pamlico Sound. Doing so, they say, would bring shad and other fish further upriver and improve the water quality by speeding up a slowed-down Neuse.

In Fight Over Dam Sides Ask: What’s Natural?
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Nice Note: Janet MacFall of Elon University thank you for Milburnie Dam removal talk

I’d have to say this is the nicest thank you note I have ever received. Very well written.

I hope Janet and her classes make us a regular stop. We hit both the Milburnie and Lowell Dam removal sites that day and I enjoyed it as well. I am “guest lecturing” again at Duke tomorrow (sniff, snoot ).

Letter From Janet MacFall to George Howard re: Milburnie Dam Removal