RS 2009 Cross Country Hustle Award: Travis Hamrick

When Restoration Systems was started it was our modest hope that one day the company might work from “Murphy to Manteo,” a phrase describing the breadth of North Carolina — 543 miles from West to East.

It occurred to us recently that Travis Hamrick — a “dirt chaser” extraordinaire here at RS — had thoroughly eclipsed that benchmark by traveling the breadth of the United States — from North to South — in less than a week.  In December.  Travis was working permits and mitigation demand for RS from the most steamy southern point of the “Mid-West,” Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, to the coldest and most northerly point, International Falls, Minnesota. A distance of 1,334 miles.  In December.  In a week.

You might ask, what do these two places have in common, in order to lure this seemingly rational company and intelligent young man to travel to the geographical extremes of the US?  One word:  Wetlands.  There are few wetter states in the US than Minnesota and Louisiana.  And where it is wet you will find RS — and Travis.

Good going, Travis.  Relax and savor a warm bowl of cheese soup — and a spicy cup of gumbo — satisfied in the recognition that you have truly gone the extra mile for your profession.

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Those of us who have the pleasure of knowing Travis are well aware of his ability to cover vast distances of land. As a fellow Dirt Chase, I cannot say enough good things about him and his lightly seasoned character (he still has no grey hair so he cannot be the extreme seasoned as that of one Randy Turner…another Great). Even though his mission is mighty, his spirit soars high… knowing that the good deeds he bequeaths to mother earth are not in vain. Go yonder young man and flourish in your bounty of wetness……