Causey Farm

Causey Farm – Guilford County, NC

The Causey Farm Stream Restoration Project is Restoration Systems’ largest and most complex stream restoration project to date. Located on a historic farm in southeastern Guilford County, NC, the project is being performed by Restoration Systems for the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority. This project has resulted in mitigation of nearly two miles of impacts to natural streams, resulting from the airport’s expansion, to accommodate a regional hub for the FedEx Corporation.

In the summer and fall of 2004, following years of damage to the riparian ecosystem by unrestricted cattle activity and farming, Restoration Systems used Natural Channel Design techniques to restore 9,600 linear feet of Stinking Quarter Creek — which runs through the Causey Farm — to a natural and stable condition.  Nearly 20,000 tons of boulders were placed along with two acres of geo-textile matting to form a stable course for the restored stream. In November 2004, 45,000 trees of 11 different native species were planted within the streamside easement and protected by four miles of new fence and cattle crossings.

The hydrology of the site is monitored by six electronic gauges which are visited regularly by the Restoration Systems field team. Tree counting, species evaluation and analysis of the hydrology are made yearly to document the improving site conditions. The host farm has agreed to a perpetual conservation easement held by the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation, and endowed by Restoration Systems, to maintain cattle exclusion fences and protect the planted forest buffer on the restored stream.

State-of-the-art cattle watering stations were then installed to provide drinking water, as an alternative to hydrating from the stream.