Casey Dairy

Casey Dairy – Lenoir County, NC

Casey Dairy has extended Restoration Systems’ focus and commitment to positive water quality projects in the Neuse River basin. Right up the road on US 70 from the Restoration Systems Bear Creek Mitigation Complex, Casey Dairy serves riparian buffer needs for the North Carolina Department of Transportation, in the middle Neuse River watershed, by restoring a riparian buffer in a critical location. Prior to Restoration Systems purchasing, planting and installing fence along the 77-acre buffer to Walnut Creek, the water course was severely impacted by unrestricted cattle accessing the stream and the resulting runoff from their activity.

The project required Restoration Systems to assemble 11 separate stream side properties with over 13 owners, along more than two miles of creek. Following acquisition, "check dams" were installed, which are barriers used in concentrated flow areas to prevent erosion, as well as water controls to reverse drainage of the riparian areas along the creek. Shortly after this process was conducted in January 2003, 80,000 native trees were planted along the stream, including Bald Cypress, Tupelo, River Birch, Cherry Bark Oak and Willow Oak. After planting, more than five miles of fence were installed to protect the restoration area.

In 2006, Casey Dairy is a significant success, with over 80% of planted trees surviving. Water quality in the Neuse River is constantly improving as a result.