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RIP: Fred C. Danforth Conservation Finance Pioneer

I was sorry to hear that Fred Danforth, the guiding light behind mitigation industry leader Ecosystems Investment Partners, died from a long standing illness last week. I did not know Fred well but remember a particularly enjoyable Orioles game I spent with him. I have also long recognized the contribution his leadership and financial insight […]

Jesuit Bend profiled in ‘good news’ Christmas Day Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Gulf Coast writer Quin Hillyer did an incredible job making Jesuit Bend’s complex story interesting and readable in an op-ed last week. Ecological facts, policy insight, local perspective and technical specs all wrapped up with a bow. We are thrilled and grateful at RS to be a good news item in America’s largest newspaper on Christmas […]

New Orleans Public Radio and The Advocate cover Jesuit Bend and mitigation banking

Tegan Wendland of WWNO, the New Orleans public radio station, and Amy Wold of the Baton Rogue and New Orleans Advocate, did nice work with recent stories concerning Jesuit Bend and the mitigation industry. I sometimes feel for reporters covering mitigation banking. By necessity, they must explain the regulatory and policy background of banking, which, […]

Jesuit Bend: All over Facebook and new RS website

If you are interested in following developments at Jesuit Bend, we recommend you immediately follow RS at our company Facebook page — or, if FB ain’t your thang — visit the Jesuit Bend feature page on our brand new company website. We are populating Facebook with current and recent photos of the dredge-and-fill work from […]

Jesuit Bend in the news

For 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thick coffee-with-cream colored sludge will be pumped directly from a mammoth dredge on the river to an expanse of marshy lake behind Jesuit Bend.To take a tour from the dredge operation sucking up the Mississippi mud to a pipe spouting the material into the marsh, it appears to be land building at its most efficient.